Love is a decision

I was surprised to get a cake from my husband because he’s out on a trip with the boys now. Milagro!!! We’re not the typical sweet couple—more like carinyo brutal. The kids, I, and my angels were trying to decipher the theme. Manang said it looked like a crown. My daughter chimed in that it looked like a soshal rose with edible gold. And my middle child teased: “It’s messy just like your relationship!” Pak!!!! Hahaha. Then he added after we sliced it: “It’s really like you and him. If you look deep into it, it’s actually really nice and sweet!” Naks!!!

It’s V-day today and everyone is expressing their undying love. But now is the perfect time to remember that love is not just a feeling but a decision. A relationship needs action and intention to sustain it through the years. Marriage is beautiful but definitely not easy. Romantic love quickly fades as the harsh realities of everyday living dull its shine.

At times, I wonder how on earth my husband and I have survived this long cause we are polar opposites—I talk too much, whereas, he barely speaks. I am a short-tempered panic-button, and he is a slow-to-anger calm fella. I get energy from people; he revels in quiet solitude. I laugh out loud and yet, I can barely coax a smile with teeth out of him. He takes risks in both business and his recreational activities. I am more reserved in my investments and as for activities; my couch excites me the most. He is athletic; I am eat-letic…The list just goes on.

The differences make it ever so hard!!!! He has seen me at my worst, when I am most unlovable…and so I am truly thankful that he still manages to say “I Do” with me each day; even when the going gets tough, and it is really just so much easier to shout “I Don’t!” Happy hearts day. Islandview.

4 thoughts on “Love is a decision”

  1. Hay, I never read as much intelligence and heart in materials except yours.. Considering this is only the 2nd article I read from you, impressive gayud! I want to read more, but as you’ve pointed out: marriage is beautiful but also a work out. Oh so true! So
    Kinahanglang ko mo-bangon aron mag andam pamahaw ug ehatod si darleeng Andoypoordoy sa shop.. Keep writing, you have both the smarts and the heart, that means beauty. God Bless you and your family!

    1. Oh wow. Thank you for the very kind words. I appreciate them very much. Medyo neglected ko ang blog ko. Hehe. You’ll find more of my writings sa SunStar page. Thank you so much jud kay you made my day. Amping kanunay. 💕

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