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I guess you can all say it started with this photo. My SunStar Online publisher shared this article, “In a World Full of ‘Tito Sottos’, Make this the Motto: Be a Gentleman”, the morning of May 7. I was monitoring its shared stats and saw that it was fairly ok. It had almost had a hundred shares by mid-morning, which is a huge deal for me.

On a side note: as a writer, being asked to write and getting paid for it is already a big blessing. I really enjoy putting my thoughts into words. Often, my articles get made in the notes app of my iphone. People reading the articles is a huge bonus. And readers sharing and making comment make my heart sing (and I can’t sing to save my life)!

But I am digressing! Back to the Tito Sotto story: By around lunch, I had several friends texting me that the article link I shared on my FB works; however, it takes them to my article but with a different byline (this is journalism lingo for author). See photo below with the red circle, that’s not my name.

I snooped around and true enough, they were right. I immediately alerted my local editors (they’re awesome), but action from the online team was not fast at all.

As a media literacy instructor, I could not help sharing the picture with these words on my profile. “It is easy to be misled in social media. Some friends messaged me this screen-cap. When they click my article’s link, which shares my personal experiences about childrearing; they reach my article, but the name is different. Technical glitch, perhaps?! For the record, the last time I checked, that’s my husband and child in the article’s main photo. Again, to make it clear, I wrote that! Moral lesson: always verify before you believe anything online. Edited to add: And if you’re a media producer, be very careful! Finally, the Online editor fixed it.”

I was whining to my husband about how annoying it was, plus the fact that the site, at times, doesn’t share captions. There are also instances when they don’t even use all the pictures I send, so I feel a part of the story is lost.

Being the typical man of action that my hubby is, he told me to wear my big-girl pants and quit whining! Without my knowledge, he bought me my own domain.

Uh-oh. I have no clue about blogging or maintaining a site. I just write on: paper, diaries, and my iphone notes for my creative release. But blogging, along with digital marketing, I am a fish out of water.

So my husband wryly asked: “You haven’t even tried and you’re giving up already?”

Fine! #ChallengeAccepted!

See all the stuff that you see here, including the layout? That’s all me. Apparently, you can still teach old dogs new tricks. Happy browsing!

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Hannah Victoria Wabe earned her BA degree in Communication Research and Masters in Development Communication from the University of the Philippines, both with Latin honors. She has worked for GMA Network and has written an entertainment column for The Manila Times. She has taught Media and Society for Xavier University. Currently, she is teaching Media Literacy, Technical Writing, and Qualitative Research Subjects for Seniors at Rosevale School. She also dabbles into ghostwriting for blogs and writing contemporary Pinoy romance pocketbooks, aside from working for the family business where she considers herself a big “tulong-gulo” (adorable-pesky-nuisance). Above all else, she believes “mommy-ing” is her number one job, paid for with hugs and kisses. Her column, ‘TimeOut Corner,’ appears every Thursdays and Sundays in Sun Star CDO.

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