Bonseta’s Fun Rides Lackluster Food

We have been to Tikalaan Boneseta’s Fun Rides in Talakag a few times because it is my youngest son’s happy place. They do make constant upgrades in terms of décor and park amenities. They added more sculptures of characters like Snow White, Spongebob, Knights, etc. They also put in a fake super-mini-version of the Eiffel Tower. They’ve definitely jazzed it up, as compared to our first visit, with a few lonely Avengers hanging out in the main foyer.

With Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Behind is the View Deck (right) and a peek at the roof of some cottages.

They added more cottages, which guests can rent for 150php. They also finally opened the ATV area, offering a full-sized ride and a kiddie-version. The full-sized one is situated under the hanging bridge where the vehicles go around in dirt, costing 500php for a few rounds. The kiddie-sized ATV races on a smaller area with cement, costing 200php for only a few minutes.

The hanging bridge and the train are no longer free. Guests have to pay 20php for each attraction if they want to use them. Now, the only thing free that comes with the entrance fee (50php for adults and 20php for kids) is the use of the playground and posing for pictures in the view deck.

Taken on our first visit with less sculptures, decor, amenities, and people. This was free before!

They also now offer a full-service restaurant where you can avail of a buffet for P199php or order off the menu ala carte. My husband and teen son availed of the buffet, but they both said it was nothing to wax poetic about. The buffet just fills the stomach with ordinary food like adobo, pansit, and sautéed vegetables. Ordinary Filipino food ain’t bad if it is cooked well! But as I said, this one left much to be desired.

My teen daughter, my youngest son, and I ordered off the menu. Let me say, it took foreveeeeer for them to serve the food. The sad part is, their sizzling sisig was not even hot and sizzling! The fried chicken was “pwede ng pagtiyagaan”. The only thing that was really cooked well and served piping hot fresh was the French fries. On top of that, I asked for extra plates/utensils and they gave us wet ones. It’s as if the stuff were just hastily washed so they can heed our request. To add insult to injury, my daughter found rice sticking to one off the forks. Yikes.

Considering it was such a long drive to get there, I was hoping for much better food. We didn’t even bother to take pictures. Oh well…but then seeing the smile on my youngest child’s face more than made up for the lackluster food. If you ask me if I will come back, I probably will because I like joy rides. Most often, it’s the journey and not just the destination. We were satisfied the few times we went to Bonseta’s before anyway. I am hoping that today’s holiday and throng of people messed up their mojo. Hopefully, next time they can wow me with the food and better service!

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