Dreams, hopes, aspirations

My youngest son has always been fascinated with guns ever since he was small. He called them, tugsh-tugsh (I guess because of the sound). I should not have been surprised when he said: “Mom, I want to be a soldier! I wanna kill the bad guys.”

But when he did, I was floored. I was compelled to shout: “No way in hell!” With the war brewing in Marawi, which is only about 2 hours by car from our place, his statements hit hard. Soldiers get shot. Worst case, they die. They don’t always kill the bad guys.

I don’t want that for him!

Soldiers are brave human beings who put their lives on the line so all of us can sleep soundly at night. And is this country, peppered with corrupt politicians and petty thieves, even really worth dying for? I suddenly felt so emotional as I thought of their families–wives, fathers, moms, daughters, etc–waiting for these soldiers to come home.

However, one thing I learned from my parents is it is not about what I want. I should never shoot down my children’s dreams no matter how scary I think they are. Again, their dreams are not about me.

I replied: “Oh, but aren’t you going to be a lawyer, a pilot, and a hero too?”

He nodded his head enthusiastically. “Yes, I can be many things!” he declared with a giant grin.

What he said pinched my heart again. The fact that my child has confidence to dream is thanks to the freedom he enjoys because of our soldiers. As I looked at him happily playing , all I can do is say a quick prayer of thanks. And I told myself, IF and when the time comes my son is really called by Him to serve the country, I promise to keep my big mouth shut.

In the grand scheme of things, God is the driver, and we are but His mere passengers. So go on boy, keep doing you!

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