How Do You Measure Wealth?

Some people measure it with: pieces of jewelry, the amounts in their bank accounts, dividends in stock portfolios, number of properties, types of cars, and amount of luxury goods amassed.

I wanna be all zen-like and say money is not really important. But see, money allows us to buy things and engage in enriching experiences like travel. Money gives us security and allows us to get the best possible treatment when someone gets sick. It permits us (esp in this country) to get quality education. As the popular meme goes: It is better to cry in a Mercedes than cry on a bicycle. Somehow true! But I prefer not to cry at all…unless they’re happy tears.

I don’t make money my king in order not to be frustrated and discontented. At my age, I think I’ve found the right balance between seeking the Benz and enjoying the bike. I’ve realized I do need money, but I don’t need bajillions of it to truly live a rich life. And of course, I know that my true treasures are my family and friends. They’re all worth their weight in gold!

Meet my real treasures who sweep me off my feet! This was taken in Balesin, which I am thankful we were able to visit.