Life is pretty much like the waves on a beach, ebbing and flowing. Some memories are akin to a single wave, coming once and never again. Many say memories last forever and we can keep coming back to them as they’re printed in our hearts.

But I grew up with a grandmother that developed dementia. It came to a point where she could not remember anything at all. She thought her only son was her husband, and she became jealous of his wife (my aunt). It was rather heartbreaking and painful to watch. Seeing the people you love as a mere shadow of their former self is brutal. That’s why, now, I am a believer of preserving memories in tangible forms.

Some events are milestones, like weddings or baptisms, that can easily be recalled; but, day-to-day life is taken for granted and often lost in the hectic buzz. When I think about it, I can barely remember what I ate the other week, much less what happened to my family and I months ago.

Thus, I am a firm believer of the movement called Project Life. I am thankful they gave me the idea to capture not just special occasions, but also regular daily moments. Photobook Philippines┬áis also another lifesaver in chronicling golden moments. Most events that happen will pass and be forgotten, but they can easily be remembered in photographs. Photos permit us to go back to that “moment in time”.

There are different sizes of photobooks, which I order from the aforementioned site. They are printed in Malaysia and are brought to my doorstep via DHL. They also come in various finishes: softbound, hard cover embossed, and hardcover imagewrap. My favorite size is the 8×8 square hardcover.

Here’s a sample page from the album “Toddler Tales”:

Photobooks are really affordable because they frequently have discount codes. But if doing your own layouts via computer are not your thing, then the psuedo-scrapbooking method of Project Life is better. Here are sample regular albums using 4R photos:

Documenting a family trip to BKK! Using the Project Life Method.
Preserving memories in an ordinary 4R album of our trip to Jakarta.

Preserve your memories before you lose them!