Joy Ride: Tikalaan

One of the plus points living here in the City of Golden Friendship is the proximity to the mountains of Bukidnon. Often, my family and I find ourselves piling into our car “just because”.

Sometimes, on a spur-of-the-moment, we’d find ourselves in Initao, Dahilayan, Camp Philips, Libona, Valencia, or even Davao. There’s just something fun (at least from the mom standpoint) about being stuck with family in the closed confines of a car.

With weak signal in some areas and no wifi on board, we have to talk to each other and find ways to entertain ourselves to pass the time. There’s something good about being unplugged from time-to-time. I am sure my millennial kids will disagree about the wifi; however, they do end up having fun away from their gadgets and that’s what matters most.

But I am digressing…

The main point of this post is this new jaunt we found in Tikalaan, Bukidnon, which is about an hour from the house. I am not even sure what the official name is because they seem to be on soft opening. The temporary tarpaulin signage says Bonseta’s Fun Rides.

The first thing that got my attention was the convenience store at the entrance of the place, which is clearly a parody of 7/11. They even got all the colors right. The humor and ingenuity typical of Pinoys are at work here.


We paid p50 for adults and p20 for kids to get into the park. It was really brand spanking new, with hardly any people. When we came, there was just one other family, which was perfect because Bolseta’s is not really big and only had a fair amount of attractions.

There was: a look out point, a restaurant (though not operational yet so you can bring food), a fancy playground with astro-turf grass, a collection of large imposing figures of super heroes, a buggy ride, and a hanging bridge. Guests can get to do whatever they want with no additional fees. My youngest son had the most fun with the train buggy. I love that it was made out of recycled plastic water drums. Creativity at work here again!

My most favorite feature is the scenic views. Every angle, the seemingly endless blue sky and the beautiful green mountains just soothe the spirit. It was peaceful, serene, and relaxing with cool fresh mountain air. It was a nice respite away from the usual buzz of the city.

I won’t mind coming back here again. Hopefully by then, the restaurant would have opened. It is a pretty long drive, but then for my family that is part of the fun. It is never just the destination but the journey.

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