Kagay-anon Krusers: Cruisin’ for a Good Cause

Re-sharing today’s article on the KK Bike Club featured in my column @ SunStar newspaper print and online editions. Some articles just do better with tons of pictures. Some days, I wish I can have a hand on the lay-out, but I am just the wordsmith.

A few KK members caught in action. These men all share the same passion for riding big bikes. At the same time, they use their passion for a purpose, typically doing rides-for-a-cause for the benefit of many socio-civic projects. (photo credits: Dennis Ohashi)

The big bike loving riders of the Kagay-anon Krusers (KK) Bike Club typically meet for playtime and stress busting rides during weekends. But it’s not all fun and games because they are also serious about their social responsibility. In fact, these men frequently engage in socio-civic activities through their rides-for-a-cause such as: food drives, relief operations for typhoons and flooding victims, missions for street kids and special kids, and other advocacies.

Last week, the KK members once again revved their motorcycle engines for a good purpose. They rode their big bikes (from Harley Davidson, Ducati, BMW, KTM, Kawasaki and other brands) together to Pantar, Lanao del Norte. This town is only about 13 kilometers from war-torn Marawi. The bikers’ undertaking was to distribute relief goods and hygiene kits to the refugees who have been displaced by the conflict.

The KK group rode roughly two hours to get to the primary evacuation center in Pantar to bring the goods they worked hard in procuring—mostly from their own pockets and some from solicitations. “We took a mix of items from basic food necessities and sanitary kits. These are the things we often take for granted, but are scarce in the area. For the recent bike run, we distributed more than a thousand hygiene kits. That’s a lot of people showing their love”, said Carlos King, a veteran biker who has been with the club since its inception in 1996; also a former club president.

Taken at the IDP evacuation site for the KK Marawi Relief Operations..

Noteworthy, this was not their first trip to an IDP (Internally Displaced People) evacuation site. A few months back, just as the war began brewing, they also made a donation run to deliver relief goods to Baloi, Lanao del Norte near Marawi. The leaders of the group noted that majority of the donations coming in were mostly dropped in Iligan.

The Mayor of Baloi, Elias Ali, who is also a KK member, had asked for help as there were less donations flittering in nearer to the war zone. It can be surmised that both distance and safety play a factor in some people’s choice for drop-off. But the KK members courageously took on the challenge to make it down despite the instability and risk involved.

Bryan Tan, the current KK president, noted that many of the refugees walked to the evacuation centers comprised of schools, covered courts, and civic centers. These people, our countrymen who have been displaced, whose normal lives were brutally interrupted when war broke out in their beloved home of Marawi, have no other choice but to huddle together in cramped and uncomfortable centers just so they can live. Thus, the group felt compelled to extend their helping hands.

On top of delivering donations, the Kagay-anon Krusers also welcomed and hosted the Support Our Troop’s Breakfast Ride-CDO program , last Saturday, September 30; wherein hundreds of riders came all the way from Manila and all over Mindanao. This activity was in cooperation with Support Our Troops organization to help raise awareness for the plight of the Philippine soldiers. Through this joint effort, the KK acknowledges the valiant efforts of the soldiers; and this is also their strong statement in condemning the acts of cruelty and injustice committed by the terrorists.

Hundreds of bikes for the Support Our Troops Breakfast Ride.

All together, they went to the army hospital inside Camp Evangelista to visit our injured soldiers in the wards. Bryan added, “In our own little way, this is our form of saying thank you to the troops for sacrificing their lives in the service of our country.”

All the KK Members invite motorcycle aficionados with at least a 400cc engine bike to come and join their group. Meet like-minded individuals who not only ride on weekends but, on some occasions, traverse the whole Philippines on their big bikes. Please call 0917-721-1999 or 0917-707-3249 for inquiries on membership.

It must be exhilarating to ride a big bike zooming down the highway, with the symphony of a roaring engine and rubber burning against the concrete. Bikers have often been stereotyped as badass daredevils that crave the adrenaline rush, with all brawn and no brains. But the men of KK prove that they have it all! And most importantly, they show that they have huge hearts that care for their fellow men. Ride on boys! Vrrrrroooom.

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