La Trinidad Benguet

The Philippines is a tropical country with 2 seasons: hot and hotter. Of course, I am joking. It’s usually wet and dry. But on a recent summer trip, we managed to drive up to Baguio City, and from there, we were able to go to the outskirts of town in La Trinidad because the children wanted to see strawberry fields.

It was pretty chilly up there, with a spring-like vibe of Northern countries. It was both literally and figuratively a cool experience. The hilly terrain and the climate was something different from the usual humidity in the lowlands. The children had fun picking strawberries and eating freshly made strawberry icecream.

I am not really a strawberry icecream fan, but this cheap one was one of the best I’ve tasted.

The cousins at the strawberry farm. It was free to visit. You just pay for whatever you “harvest”.

The fields

Strawberry products everywhere.

It was a different experience. The same batch of strawberries with the same packaging I get in s&r for 600pesos was only 200pesos here. I wish I can get that same kind of pricing in the city. Wishful thinking!

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