Mommy Matters

Afternoon delight! A rare martini at 2pm. This barely happens. The last time I took a sip was Christmas Eve when my family was here for the holidays. In my very ordinary life full of kids, work, and errands, a glass of bubbly in the afternoon is BIG.

I got together with a few mommy friends for lunch and it was a great day full of good food and nonstop laughter. These are the girls I go to zumba with; a group that knows how to boost each other up. Our chatter makes me forget about life’s complexities. I wish I can post a group picture, but I forgot to ask their permission. No matter how easy it is to hit upload, privacy matters. A lot.

For now, I can only share this food pic, which can feed a battalion (and we were only 7 girls): veggie spring roll, cured pork in vinegar and black beans (humba), crabs in coco milk, veggie stir fry, shrimps, bamboo shoots, sausages, and dessert. Burp!

I enjoyed being with my gals because coming together spells nothing but good vibes. Imagine–laughing until our stomachs hurt, nonstop jokes, good natured teasing, and sharing of stories! It’s pure honest to goodness fun. Moreover, being around empowered women who value their health and well-being make me realize that I need to take care of myself. No excuse. No guilt. No feeling bad.

The thing about being a mom is that Mommy Guilt just rears it’s ugly head at times. If you’re with your spouse, you can’t help but worry if the kids are doing fine. If you focus on your career, at the back of your head, you wonder if you’re neglecting the kids. If you don’t work and just focus on the kids, you feel bad that you’re letting your brain cells decay. And so on…It’s just the way it is. Moms seem to be wired to feel this way the moment breastmilk comes in. In fact, behind the smile of every child is a mother who wonders if she is doing it right and who prays to high heavens she doesn’t mess up. It’s a constant struggle!

Mess up…Such big words no mother ever wants for her children. And we only get this one chance and no do-over! However, being around these cool moms show me that for this fear not to happen and materialize, moms need to NOT neglect themselves. Stop feeling guilty! We deserve it.

These get togethers with my mommies make me realize I have a life apart from my mother role. It is nice to feel like the me before I had kids. I matter! These gals make me feel it all without the guilt. Having fun and taking care of me is not selfish. In fact, doing this is self-care, so I can be at my best self for all the other aspects of my life. Doing this makes me focus on just ME…and that’s vital because without I, there’s no we (my family).

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