Mother Knows Best

Topsy-turvy life chronicled in media…

When I first saw the interview of Patricia Bautista, I am ashamed to admit that I fell for her distraught declarations hook, line, and sinker. She pushed all the right buttons with her elegant demeanor, her seemingly sincere tears that were restrained and fell at the right time, along with what appeared to be as her courageous articulate statements.

She vehemently washed her hands off her husband’s alleged ill gotten wealth because she cared for her four children. He happens to be the COMELEC chairman, in effect, alluding that his money is tainted. She claimed to be doing this because she wants to live in peace with a clear conscience. She was willing to subject herself under the scrutiny of a judgmental public, ready to face their wrath, all because of her love for her kids.

Cue melancholic music right here.

The self-sacrificing mother is a trope that exists simply because it is so powerful. This overused plot device has existed and moved millions of stories, touching the hearts of people, because it builds sympathy in an almost raw and painful way. All of us have mothers, and at one point of time or another, all of us were also children. Perfectly executed plot indeed!

But Patricia did not factor this into the telenovela like drama she concocted: her own mother.

For someone who claimed she also has a third-eye, this she did not see (pun intended)!

Socialite Baby Cruz-Vasquez, owner of Frank Provost and Tisha’s mom, deviated from the script. She allowed her son-in-law, Andy, to make his official statement in her own residence, showing him and the public her full-support for his character.

Baby even said: “I’ve known Andy for many years. I know him to be an honest, upright, God-fearing husband and father. He is a man of unquestioned integrity, the kind of man any mother would entrust her daughter to. This is why I cannot believe the accusations against him even if they are from my own daughter.”

This of course created a maelstrom of hateful suspicion for the once seen heroic woman who put her own husband in hot water. As the old adage says: Mother knows best! No one could just simply disregard this new plot twist. It speaks volumes. It now makes many people wonder what kind of person this Patricia truly is for her own mother to act this way.

If Andy Bautista were indeed the scum of the earth, why would his own mother-in-law support him? It just doesn’t make sense. As it turns out, reports say that Tisha had an affair which is why the couple became estranged. How nice of her to conveniently forget when she was making her first public statement. She loves her children alright. (cough, sarcasm, cough!)

People say that their marital spat is none of everyone’s business. That’s true. But she purposely dragged everyone into the center of their relationship on live TV/Podcast. The real question here: is there really 1 Billion pesos in ill-gotten wealth? Was Andy Bautista able to declare these tidbits properly in his SALN (statement of assets and liabilities)? If he didn’t, let’s recall the late- Chief Justice Corona who was impeached for not properly declaring his SALN.

Now, only time will tell what will happen…just like you, I am waiting with bated breath what will be the closure to this melodramatic saga. Clearly, there aren’t always happily ever-afters.

To be honest, I am personally annoyed too because, clearly, believing Patricia instantly means I am not a good judge of character. Ouch! How could I just believe her tearful confession after seeing one video clip? Note to self: dig deep, always.

It’s clear to me now more than ever that women truly have a lot of power. If a girl cries she was wronged, harassed, raped, or abused, many of us would so readily believe her crocodile tears without fact-checking. This was very evident to me in the comments section of the many articles I’ve read regarding this issue.

Actually, when things like these prop up, everyone is quick to give their sympathies to a woman and so very eager to bash the poor man without knowing both sides of the story. I pity any poor wrongly-accused man who happens to be truly innocent (I am not saying Andy is; I’m just talking in general terms here). A man would’ve already been tried and executed in social media without the proper benefit of a fair trial.

This actually makes me shudder because as a mother of two young boys, I would hate for this to happen to them in the future. Patricia is exactly the kind of daughter-in-law from hell I hope none of my kids ever have the misfortune of meeting. Even her own mother is speaking against her! So there…

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