my 5 year old on a motorbike

I still have to pinch myself. I can’t believe my son who just turned 5 years old is now riding a peewee motorcycle all by himself. It was just yesterday when he started with his baby tricycle at 18 months, bike with no training wheels at 3, and wheelies at 4. Never realized he would move onto motorized sports this quick!

Honestly, in the beginning, I felt ambivalent about letting him use 2 wheels. My older cousin died in a biking accident, so my parents never allowed me to own one. But I married an adrenaline junkie who loves big bikes (among many other sports). All I can do is pray for protection because riding is his passion. There’s no use fighting it! I can never change him, nor do I want to.


Before, I really wished that none of our kids will ever follow his love for all things dangerous (at least to my eyes) and adventurous. However, I learned early on that opposing them all is a futile endeavor. Besides, I consider myself to be a pretty chill mom. “Control-freaking” is not my cup of tea.

Ever since, (even when it was learning to eat solid food) I’ve always emphasized to my three kids that they have to at least try something before they say they dislike it. So there…my words came to bite my butt. They all tried riding and they all love it! I am the only one in our house who cannot ride a motorcycle.

All of them have to live their lives to the fullest, by pursuing what makes them happy (as long as they don’t hurt anyone). It is their life, not mine. I’ve finally learned to relax and not stress over the “what could happen”. Trust God. Worrying just makes nothing happen at all. My husband has not only taught the kids (and me), but showed by example how to really embrace life. Indeed, don’t fear dying, but fear never ever truly living.

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