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I just realized I have not updated this site since end of November, and it amazes me that statistics say people still actually come and visit. If you’re one of those people included in the statistic, I say thank you for giving me a bit of your precious time and coming into my little corner of cyberspace.

I find it mind boggling, really, that people click to come here because I think I am ill-fit to be a blogger. For one, I am not a millennial. Second, I don’t really like promoting myself. The stories I enjoy writing are the ones about other people. And most of all, I hate selfies which seem to be the requisite trait of a successful one. The pictures I take are mostly that of my children (and I know they’re really just super cute to me). Realistic here!

That being said, I do have the writing part down pat. I love words and feel like it’s therapy to be able to put my thoughts into paper. The way I see it, writing is cheaper than me getting a therapist. I don’t want to pay anyone as I blabber on about the randomness of my day. Kuripot!

Seriously, I like to unload and unburden my mind each day. I don’t let negativity linger and fester as I feel it kills my spirit; so I let it it out in words. Typically, even for my newspaper articles, I just write them on the notepad of my phone. Writing is like breathing for me. It happens naturally. If I don’t get to write, even if I am the only audience, I feel as if I am suffocating.

You must be wondering, why the heck are there no updates in this page if this writer says she feels that way. Well, most of my words are in my journal locked under a password. You can also find some of my work at the SunStar newspaper site (and there are also many others out there for the sites I ghostwrite for).

Now, I am still struggling to find the balance between what’s ok to reveal and what should remain for my eyes only. Privacy is a trait I value very much and what is seen in my social media and work stuff are just like 5percent of my life. Kudos to those bloggers who can really, truly put themselves out there!

One of my minor New Year’s resolutions is to pay closer attention to this space of mine; so this is me, taking a step in that direction. If you’ve managed to read until this part, holy moly…thanks, again. I hope I’ve not wasted your time with this random rambling. Wishing you all the best this 2018! I hope we can all turn our resolutions into reality this year.

Pic: Yours truly in blue, doing what else but writing, together with one of my best friends in the background.

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