Right Love at the Wrong Time

Scout Ranger Jaime Invento died fighting for our country in Marawi. His beloved underwent premature labor at 8 months upon hearing the news. Three hours later, the baby also died. Such is the sad fate of Jaime and Anne. Now, this woman is left to pick up the pieces. ALONE!

No husband by her side. No baby in her arms.

Ang sakit.

When I first saw their love letters on the FB page of the newspaper I write for, Sunstar CDO, their ill-fated story immediately pierced my heart. One of the many hats I wear is a romance pocketbook writer. Right now, I wish I could have written their love story. But, alas, theirs is written by the stars…sadly, with a tragic happily (n)ever after.

Super sakit.

Bato lang ang hindi matitinag.

He was reportedly killed in action taking two bullets on the neck. He died instantly on the spot. He is said to be number 45 on the list of rangers who similarly suffered the same fate. They all dedicated their lives fighting for this country.

Many say that Corporal Invento is a selfless man. In fact, before leaving for his mission, he gave his own combat boots to a fellow soldier. Was this some kind of symbolic premonition? Perhaps. Only God knows.

But what is clear is that Scout Ranger Invento, along with the countless other soldiers who face the enemy, know that there is always that possibility that each one of them would never come back. Anyone who joins active service has to come to terms with this possibility.

Yet, somehow, these brave men in uniform still continue to put their lives on the line so you and I can all sleep soundly at night. It has been said many times, and it is worth saying again, freedom is NOT free. Blood is often spilled. Families are shattered. When will this end? Will it ever?

Here under are some pictures and information I found with a quick search on my FB. Now, I ask why is this story not viral with millions of shares? People feasted on Arci Munoz’s botched plastic surgery or that flamboyant billboard proposal for Erich. What about this? This concerns us all.

Picture attached to the above post in the Scout Ranger Books page

What does this attitude say about us as a nation? It’s sad when superstars get more attention. And without a doubt, these actors/actresses probably earn so much more than soldiers too. In an ideal world, those who risk their lives and limbs defending the country and fighting for civil liberties should have the higher pay grade. But life isn’t always fair!


The only thing we can really do right now is to be grateful by showing appreciation and never taking freedom for granted. Let us continue to pray for our men in uniform. It is also high time to cast aside partisan politics that’s ripping this nation apart. The best way to honor and remember our fallen heroes is to show we are a united country. That’s what they’re fighting for! Dying for!!!

Thank you, Corporal Invento. My snappiest salute, Sir.

Thank you, Anne for sharing your husband and child with this country. My deepest condolences. I know words are not enough to ease your pain. I wish I can do something tangible to help you with your grief. I lift you up to the Lord so that He can be your strength in this very trying time.

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2 thoughts on “Right Love at the Wrong Time”

  1. What is more tragic…..this is not an isolated case…..this is x 145 of them…..shattered dreams and families. All those who died in Marawi have loved ones……Could it have been avoided or lessened ?Only God knows ! We pray for PEACE…..PEACE COMING FROM GOD !My condolences to all shattered families of the MARAWI TRAGEDY !

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