S(e)oul Food Trip

I’ve always been fascinated by the Korean culture because I have many Korean friends here in my sunny province. I also like spicy food so kimchi and samgyeopsal are always on my menu. On top of that, I got addicted to K-drama. The virus spread to my only daughter, and she added K-pop to the list. Thus, she’s been bugging me to go to Seoul.

I am so glad we finally got the chance because it is indeed a beautiful coutnry! Nevermind that most citizens can’t speak English. The best interactions are those that are felt by the heart. And Seoul is indeed full of soul, pun intended.

My children in old palace.

The country is very much a first world, but inspite of being modern with outlets like the Shake Shack, Friday’s, and Paris Boulangerie, they have still managed to preserve their culture. It is apparent that most of them take pride in their traditions by loving their language, being true to their palates, and patronizing their own products.

Aside from going to the usual touristy destinations, the thing the we enjoyed most being in Seoul is the food. We stayed right smack in one the bustling districts, Myeongdong, and we were a mere walking distsnce to good street food. Best decision ever.

The BBQ place fronting our hotel…

Feeling like KimBokJoo as we purchased odeng fish cakes, fried kimbap, and ddeokboki from a hole in the wall.

The next series of photos and videos are of street food stalls, which were take along the bustling streets of Myeongdong.

Barbeque on sticks

Egg puff clouds

Fried cheese with rice cake

Cheesy scallops dinner

Veggie and seafood pancake

Jjangmyeon or noodles in blackbean sauce

Assorted kimbap

Fried shrimp tempura

Lobsters as good as the ones we always had when we lived in New Hampshire.

Spicy popcorn chicken

The all things octopus (skewered, fried, baked)

Choosing a takoyaki

With the largest froyo ever

Giant potato crisps in barbeque sticks

It’s waffle and crepe time

Sausages cooked before your eyes

Kebabs…channeling the Halal Guys

More fish sticks

There were many more stalls for bean cakes, mochi or japanese daifuku, pressed squeeze juice, wagyu, noodle stir-fry, samgyetang (stewed chicken stuffed with rice), etc. There were just a lot of options to choose from. It was a long line of stalls filled with a throng of people. The energy and vibe of the place is a must-see and should not be missed.

Noteworthy, even their 7-11 sells interesting food from Pokemon inspired steamed buns, roasted sweet potatoes, and assorted plated food. The pics hereunder are all from 7-11. They even sold fresh fruits so we took advantage of the giant sweet strawberries which we ate daily.

The only thing I can really say after this is BURP! Annyeong!!!

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