Studio City: Warner Brothers Fun Zone

We wanted to do something other than Disney in this part of the world, and a few consultations on kid-friendly places with my friend Google yielded this result: Warner Brothers Fun Zone. That being said, there weren’t many reviews written about the place. All I got were standard PR releases (press materials written by spin-doctors of public relations companies to make things sound and look good).

Nevertheless, we trekked the off beaten path to Studio City Hotel, where the Fun Zone is located. Studio City is actually a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. It is named after a studio established there in 1927, which now exists as the CBS Network. Thus, it is not surprising that this hotel integrates entertainment, television, and film elements into their theme.

The main facade is the Golden Reel, which is also an attraction offering a double ferriswheel ride about 130meters high above the ground. A reel is where images are captured for films back in the day. In addition, a statue that looks like an Oscar is set up there quite prominently.

Studio City’s Golden Reel, along with an “Oscar”

Other notable attractions are the Batman Dark Knight 4-D movie and a Magic House show. Their main shopping alley looks like a street complete with road signs on the floor and on the walls. Theaters with rolling marquees serve as additional backdrop.

The amazing magic display with a ball suspended on air (the metal ring goes up and down to show there are no cables holding it up)

Warner Brother’s Fun Zone is on the last level in the main building. The hallways heading to the place are decked with familiar characters from DC comics, Looney Toons, and Hanna Barbera. The same goes for the escalators’ sides leading up to (and eventually from) the main reception.

Let the characters guide you to the foyer
Unlimited Fun at the Fun Zone

The place is not super big, with a fair amount of attractions. It was fine with me because I wanted a slow pace with not too much people. The price to get in isn’t too bad either: 200Pattacas/HKD (1,300pesos) buys two hours, which is good for one child and one adult. They put a strap on each individual’s arm, with a corresponding chip that activates the rides or games. My boys, especially my 4 year old, had the most fun. The attractions were:


Adults are welcome to accompany children on this ride, which starts by donning 3-D glasses. Guests then sit on a slow moving ride (4people in one) and armed with a faux laser gun. The chair enters a room, with each one baring a brand new story from the curved screens. Special sound effects are employed along with powerful gusts of wind for added special effect. The riders are then commanded to shoot items headed their way like: bombs, aliens, balloons, and the like. The production was really good for such a small eatablishment. I felt as if the things from the screen would really hit us! Even my hard to impress teenager enjoyed this very much. This ride alone makes the entrance ticket worth the price. We rode it several times!

The entrance to the ride (it was hard to grab pics inside cause it was dark and the images turned blurry because of the 3-D effects)


This one has a maximum height requirement. It is a slow moving car that toddlers to kids about 7years old can drive on their own. My youngest rode this again and again because it gave him the freedom to navigate a mini-car like a boss!

Wannabe Formula1 Driver
At the far end of the track


My two boys enjoyed this to the hilt. Apparently, being dribbled around like a basketball is thrilling. It elicited a lot of screams and laughs.


Mountain Climber

As the name says, the challenge here is to climb the walls like Spiderman (who is a Marvel character so they don’t use this branding method) and reach the top. This is rock climbing kiddie style. Proper closed shoes are needed for this, and they’re strict in enforcing it.

Fany rock climbing!
Kid-friendly “Rock” Climbing

Action Arena

This is a multi-level playground that goes above the Raceway. Kids have to navigate funky stairs, moving punching bags, crawl on a net bridge, to reach the 2 spiral slides.

Action Arena entry way
The slides

The Clubhouse

This has the KidsQuest which is an interactive game started by scanning the chip on the wrist on the tiny reader on the wall. The controls are motion detected so if Jerry needs to jump, the player jumps too.

Several Kids Quest machines to choose from

This section also contains arts and crafts. Kids can paint on easels or make colorful sand art.

Sand art

Tom and Jerry Picnic Playground

This is a padded section for much smaller kids to enjoy. There are many colorful and cute figures young tots can play with. There’s a mini-slide, ballpit, and a giant tv too for added entertainment.

Perfect for smaller kids

Lego: Build it yourself

This is located at the second floor near the refreshments area and cartoon house. As the name implies, kids can build their own creations.

Lego fun
Always a worthwhile activity

Cartoon Club

Popular cartoons play on a giant screen. This is like a mini-movie house. At the time we went, Justice League was playing much to my youngest’s delight.

Movie house

Overall, it was a pretty fun experience, culminating in souvenir shopping at the character store. Two hours was just right to explore the entire place. It would be nice to have more rides, but then that’s me talking. When I asked my kids, who the Fun Zone is really intended for, they say that the existing attractions are more than enough. The icing on the cake: we all got to meet Bugs Bunny!

The happiest camper!

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