Pearly Whites: Teeth Rice

The featured photo is a special dinner I created for my spouse. Cute food is totally not just for kids! Moreover, I find the process fun and therapeutic. And the times I am feeling frustrated, it helps me express myself so I don’t go totally batshit-crazy. Life is already complicated so food art is a relaxing respite.

The caption of the plate as it appeared on my Instagram orochronicles: “There are days I just want to smother my bitter, er, better half. And not with love, but a pillow. Haha. But I still gotta feed him dinner. Tonight, he gets his fave lamb chops seasoned with Greek spices, tzatziki, and roasted tomatoes/ cauliflower in olive oil. And of course, rice can’t be missing. He gets a tooth so he can feel the words spelled above. BITE ME. When he sees them, he will say I am crazy. But then, like I always reply, I am not the one who married me. Ha! Eat or bite your heart out. Who’s crazy now? Here’s hoping you’ll find someone like Edward Cullen to bite you tonight. And may he bite the perfect spot!” *wink*

I love making teeth onigiri (Japanese rice balls) because they are so easy to do. Just get cling/plastic wrap, place rice in the middle, and then shape it like clay. The plastic wrap is to keep the rice from sticking to your fingers. The key to making a firm onigiri is to ensure that everything is tight, compact, and squished together inside the plastic wrap, so it doesn’t fall apart. When it’s all set, add the nori/seaweed decor for the eyes and mouth. Then you can just use whatever side dishes you want.

Different rice creations!

Teeth shaped rice are one of my most used themes during the holiday season because “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!” They go great with holiday food picks. My favorite sides are apple lips with marshmallow teeth “glued” by peanut butter. I also use marshmallow which I cut and morph into lips and teeth as toppers for my brownies. It is super duper fun and easy to make.

I will always love these pearly whites because they’re fun for kids. On top of that, I am true believer that happiness is a choice. Thus, it is best to always give that 1,000 mega watt smile while you and I still have teeth!


Always SMILE with teeth: it raises your face value! Hehe!



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